Buying and Selling Assets

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Resource Markets

Sell orders for resources can be created at ports. Buy orders can be done for any existing game asset left at a port, at which time the resource will become a cryptographic asset prefixed with the portName. Some ports might charge a storage fee for the time and space that the resource takes up. This fee might be more or less depending on how outside the margins the sell order is created for. When a sell order for a resource is created, the resource is converted to a portName_resource asset. Buying an asset can be done on any participating exchange. The portName_resouce asset is only available to the buyer when the buying player’s ship (UI / Wallet) is docked at that port. The port might require storage fees to be paid for the time the resources are left at the port. Once the resource is released, the portName_resouce is converted back to the resource and transferred into the ship’s hold. Some players might hire transporters to pickup and deliver purchased resources. The buying player would have to transfer the portName_resource tokens to the delivery player and trust that they will do the job. Contracts can be created where the resource ownership is transferred upon an expiration date if not picked up or sold in ports within an agreed upon time (think storage wars).