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Core Gameplay

SFEOS is an open-world game, where players can roam freely in the vast space and do what their heart desires. Some will decide to focus on mining and gathering resources. Others will watch the market for good deals and base their career on trading. Some will become expert craftsmen and build from what others have gathered. And, of course, there will be those who will try to take what others have by force.

Your Role as Starship Captain

As a player you take on the role of a starship captain. You were created for this; literally your gene sequencing was specifically selected to make captaining a starship possible. Normal humans cannot take the stresses induced by interfacing with a starship’s AI systems. You are special, congratulations.

Your Starship

You will start the game with a very basic, very small hulled (ie cheap) starship with a small crew. From there you can learn the ropes and determine what kind of player you want to be. This starting starship has all the necessary systems (Power Plant, Life Support, Shields, Scanner Array, External and Internal Holds, Crew Quarters, Mining and Fighter Drone Bays, Transporters as well as a Transforming Facilities [Refinery, Production, Research, Breeding] Bay) designed to get you on your way.

Your Own Style of Play

Some players will focus on economics (mining, production and/or trade) and become the merchants of the stars. Others will focus on warfare (defending and/or attacking trade routes and resource hubs) and join a faction or hire themselves out at mercenaries. You can initially join one of two factions. This is a sandbox game with very few limitations once you move out into Non-Merikos Space.

The Universe

Ship Progression

Ship Movement

Resource Gathering


Creating Assets

Buying and Selling Assets