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From Earth to the Reboot in Space

The past historical data we have found, allows us to connect some dots. We know that we are descendents from people who left their home planet that was called Earth. These early pioneers created an orbital space station called Benevolence I, and subsequently the ship named The Meritocracy. This allowed a small portion of Earth’s population to escape some kind of a collapse of civilization on the planet’s surface. We don’t yet know the details of this collapse. Archive files are actively and painstakingly being retrieved from corrupted repositories.

We currently have a few hundred hours of recorded history from before the voyage, up until about the Earth calendar year 2018. We have some records of the second 300ish years in space, and then nothing. This data is where the collapse is mentioned here and there, but after a few hundred years, people stop talking in great detail. These logs leave off as if all is normal and then they just stop. The ship’s logs records a cascade failure at the time of the last log entry. We don't know what happened after that. We don't know how much time passed. It's just an empty void. We don't know where Earth is or if it even still exists. The next recorded ship’s logs show 438,412,108,552 AI reboot attempts and when the boot sequence was finally successful, a life sign population count of zero. Thankfully the ship had an onboard human embryo count and enough breeding pods capable of sustaining multiple generations into the future. It looks like it took the ship’s AI 42 and ½ years after the reboot to bring itself fully online and able to sustain human life again. Taking our cue from the AI, we call them Generation Zero.

Generation Zero

Generation Zero wouldn’t exist without the ship’s AI. In order to repopulate the ship, the AI interfaced with one worthy woman from Generation Zero. Her name was Meriko. She became the ship’s captain and ambassador between the ship and new colony. The ship was able to extend Meriko’s life for 492 years before they found a nearly habitable planet. After some terraforming, Merikos I was colonized.

SFEOS I: Reforming The Meritocracy (Non-Merikos Space)

An accidental discovery of an old private key unlocked a hidden repository of historical data detailing the old world and the revolution that took place. Unknown at first, but later discovered was the fact that the distributed technology storing the data could in fact do more than just store data. The distributed AI platform, called SFEOS had just been laying dormant in the subsystems of all of the Merikos computer systems. All that was needed was a distributed set of initialized nodes to bring the ancient AI to life. Copies of the repository and core systems were secretly initiated and the seeds of a new revolution began anew. SFEOS I is a dream of a new home where a cooperative meritocratic governance outside the jurisdiction of Merikos Space can prosper. It’s just a dream of some right now. People who follow the dream believe The Meritocracy can be reformed. Others do not want this to happen and will pay well to see it stopped. How it plays out will be up to you to decide.