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What is SFEOS?

Player Developed, Highly Immersive, Turn Based, Science Fiction MMO on the EOS Platform

SFEOS is envisioned as being an ongoing, highly immersive, turn-based, science fiction MMO running on the EOS platform. With SFEOS, the game’s economy is on center stage by tying together gameplay and player controlled cryptographic blockchain assets. We are loosely following in the traditions of the old BBS game Trade Wars. The players of SFEOS take on the role of starship captains in a futuristic, sometimes utopian, sometimes dystopian, universe. They are space pioneers who will mine resources to build fleets of generational colonizing starships. They will take up humanity’s quest to explore the unknown and create bastions of safety and prosperity for all. Oh, and some of them will become space pirates.

What does SFEOS stand for?

Taking a cue from EOS themselves...

We believe that EOS means different things to different people. We have received numerous amazing interpretations of what EOS stands for or what it should stand for so we have decided not to formally define it ourselves.

...we are not going to formally define SFEOS either. But unlike EOS, I will pass on my favorite and see what you all think. My current favorite is “Searching For the End of Space” but my favorite does not need to be yours.




The MVP (Minimum Viable Product)